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· One min read

Building your own Redis server is a great way to level up as a Software Engineer.

It teaches you about:

· 2 min read

I'm often asked to recommend some Coding Challenges for developers who are learning Rust.

The obvious answer is ALL of them! After all I started writing and sharing these coding challenges as I was using them to learn Rust.

But to try and provider a more curated answer the question, here are the eight great coding challenges you can use to learn Rust:

· One min read

I'm often asked to recommend some easy Coding Challenges for junior developers.

It's not easy to suggest easy coding challenges as what is easy for a backend developer might be a challenge for a frontend developer. The same applies for an systems developer versus a data scientist or data engineer.

But to try and answer the question, here are the five coding challenges that I think are easiest for anyone to get into, no matter what their background is:

· 4 min read

Client/Server Communications

Most of the time for network programming we’re going to build client/server applications. This blog posts provides a quick overview of how we do that.

· One min read

16 ways to learn the Go programming language (aka Golang).

· 2 min read

A load balancers is a software or hardware device that balances an income load across several back-end servers.

There are two main approaches to load balancing: