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Build Your Own Redis

· One min read

Building your own Redis server is a great way to level up as a Software Engineer.

It teaches you about:

  1. Redis - it helps to know what you're building.
  2. Reading a specification - to understand what Redis does.
  3. Network programming - you're building a server and handling concurrent clients and a network protocol.
  4. Concurreny
  5. Async IO
  6. Data Structures - Hash Tables and Skip Lists for example.
  7. Algorithms - for example for expiry.

There's a couple of ways you can approach it too:

  1. Fork the Redis source code and play with it.
  2. Take the Coding Challenges Build Your Own Redis Coding Challenge.
  3. Sign up for the guided course I run where I'll guide you through building a lite Redis Clone in Python.
  4. Sign up for the Cohort based course I run: Become a Better Software Developer by Building Your Own Redis Server and build using the programming language of your choice.