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Coding Challenges For Junior Developers

· One min read

I've often been asked which of the coding challenges are suitable for junior developers.

My immediate thought is ALL of them! Junior developers will learn valuable skills from tackling any of the coding challenges.

But where should they start? Here's my thoughts:

All of the coding challenges tagged beginner are particularly suitable for a junior developer:

If you get stuck with them it highlights a weakness, dig in to it and if really stuck come and ask for help on the Discord server.

If you want a particular roadmap, I'd suggest tackling these challenges in this order:

  1. Build your own cat
  2. Build your own wc
  3. Build your own shell
  4. Build your own web server
  5. Build your own redis server

Adding in other challenges or learning along the way. By the time you get to building Redis you'll have gained a good understanding of many kep parts of being a good software engineer.