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Build Your Own Chess Game

This challenge is to build your own chess program. The game chess has held a fascination for many people for hundreds of years, so much so that the first automated chess playing machine, “The Mechanical Turk” was built in 1770!

Build Your Own Compression Tool

This challenge is to build your own command like tool to compress text files. This is a challenge I first did in 1998 when my employer didn’t have much work for me to do between projects so suggested I pick a skill and polish it.

Build Your Own QR Code Generator

A QR code (short for quick-response code) is a sort of two dimensional barcode. They were invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave to label car parts. Like barcodes they are a machine readable optical image that can contain information.

Build Your Own Spell Checker Using A Bloom Filter

This challenge is to build your own micro spell checker. The goal is to create a spell checker that can determine if a word is probably spelt correctly without having to store the full list of words. Thus the spell checker can use less storage (disk or memory). A task that is much less relevant these days, but 20 years ago was incredibly useful on low storage devices.

Build Your Own yq

The command line tool yq is like jq for YAML data - you can use it to and filter and transform YAML data, much like you would JSON dats with jq. By the way, a past Coding Challenge was to build your own jq if you fancy giving that a go.