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Build Your Own Data Privacy Vault

This challenge is to build your own Data Privacy Vault. A Data Privacy Vault is a way to keep sensitive information safe. The vault stores the data and controls who can get to it, making sure it's managed, watched over, and used carefully.

Build Your Own DNS Forwarder

A DNS Forwarder is a nameserver used to resolve DNS queries instead of directly using the authoritative nameserver chain. Often they are used to sit on the edge of a local area network and provide DNS resolution to the computers on the network, reducing external traffic and speeding up external access by serving the answer from a local cache.

Build Your Own HTTP Forward Proxy Server

This challenge is to build your own HTTP Proxy Server. A proxy is a server that sits between a client that wants to get a resource and a server that provides the resource.

Build Your Own HTTP(S) Load Tester

A HTTP(S) Load Tester is a program that can be used to simulate a load on a website or HTTP(S) based API. It’s a useful tool for tasks such as checking your system handles concurrent load, scales correctly under load and to verify that your rate limiting software works correctly.

Build Your Own IRC Client

This challenge is to build your own IRC client. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC was one of the earliest network protocols for messaging and multi-party discussions.

Build Your Own Memcached Server

This challenge is to build your own Memcached server. Memcached is a free, open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. It is intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by reducing database load.

Build Your Own Redis CLI Tool

In this Coding Challenge we’re going to build a CLI tool to send commands to a Redis server, it’s a nice challenge to complement the build your own Redis challenge. If you’re not familiar with Redis you can learn all about it in that challenge.