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Coding Challenges - Intro

Welcome to the Coding Challenges.

I share a weekly coding challenge aimed at helping software engineers level up their skills through deliberate practice.

These are challenges that I’ve used or am using as exercises to learn a new programming language or technology.

Each challenge will have you writing a full application or tool. Most of which will be based on real world tools and utilities.

The challenges are picked to be small enough to completed in your spare time over a week or two and yet large enough to be complete working projects.

Each challenge is presented with an introduction explaining the challenge. Where applicable there is a background section providing a brief introduction to any background knowledge you need to complete the challenge.

After that you get a detailed explanation of the challenge, followed by some instructions and/or scripts to run to test your solution.

I’d love your feedback on the challenges and how I can make them better to help you level up as a software engineer.

If you prefer, you can subscribe to the challenges on SubStack here: